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  • Ironing Board Cover Makeover

  • So I’ve been busy nesting lately. Except not with preparing a nursery or anything… instead I have been tarting up my sewing room. Obviously. Got my priorities sorted! I made this jazzy ironing board cover following this fab tutorial on the Tilly and the Buttons website. It was so quick and ea [...]
  • My Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas!

  • With just under a week to go until all hell breaks loose for the dreaded 'Black Friday', I thought I'd get ahead of the game and post my favourite picks of sewing-related Christmas gifts. Despite being a grown adult, I still love writing a Christmas list to give to my mum. The only difference is the [...]
  • A sneak peek inside the-S box!

  • I'm one of those really annoying people who starts banging on about Christmas during the heat of summer. Just to be honest! So you can probably guess the levels of excitement and girly squealing when I received this gorgeously festive crafty subscription box through the post. The lovely peopl [...]
  • Introducing my shiny new Sewing Room

  • Since moving into our new place just before Christmas, I have been busy beavering away to get our spare room set up as my sewing room. I know, very lucky to have my own room for sewing and craftiness... I'm over the flipping moon with it! A lot of inspiration was found via Pinterest for a lot [...]