• A Coco Fit for a Baby Bump!

  • Being a Tilly and the Buttons super fan, I even surprised myself for taking this long to try a Coco dress! I might be heavily pregnant, but thought I’d make one now just for fun, to see if it would work.

    I just decided to just try making a larger size than I normally would, with no fancy maternity alterations. Then crossed my fingers and hoped for the best!

    I had been eyeing up this fabric from Backstitch for ages. So when I popped into the shop over Christmas I decided to finally treat myself. I figured this would be ideal for a Coco – a nice medium weight without too much stretch.

    I loved how quick and easy this was to make – especially with the help of my trusty overlocker. I really wan’t sure if this would work as a maternity dress, so I was a little nervous to try this on when I finished. Very luckily, I think I I pulled it off!

    It fits over bump, but not too tight – this was the thing I was most worried about. When I make this again, I think I’ll try shorter sleeves to give it a bit more of a cute, girly look.

    The only area I think that could have been improved is the neckline, which gaped slightly. But I have this problem with most patterns. I nearly made the adjustment before cutting, but thought that I might be a bit bigger all over at the minute (definitely am!), and would rather make too big than too small. Never mind – I’ll adjust for my next Coco!

    I wish I’d tried this pattern sooner, as it really is a fab dress. I think it *just* works for my stage of pregnancy, but would have been perfect for a bit earlier on – and obviously stunning without a bump too.

    This make is going to be perfect for seeing out the rest of pregnancy in the colder months. Just add tights! Oh, and gold brogues. Standard.

    Pattern: Coco Dress by Tilly and the Buttons

    Fabric: Ponte Roma Jersey from Backstitch

    Size made: 4

    Alterations made: None!

    Alterations for the next Coco: Narrow shoulders/neckline

    Birdseye view over the bump

    All the heart eyes for my new brogues

    Matching nails 🙂

  • A Maternity Staple - Megan Nielsen Erin Skirt

  • My first make of 2017! Yippee.

    I realise this isn’t exactly the most exciting make to be showing you all, but it wins points for being a top maternity wardrobe staple with an exceptional fit – just what I need right now!

    I figured it was high time that I tried out the Megan Nielsen maternity patterns – so kicked things off with the Erin maternity skirt. I bought the pattern as PDF from the Megan Nielsen website – and also bought the Cara maternity top (to be made soon!). There were literally just 2 pattern pieces for the skirt (well, 3 if you make the frilly version), couldn’t be more simple.

    I just used a plain black jersey from Backstitch which was more medium than lightweight. It wasn’t too expensive either 🙂 It did cross my mind that plain black might be a bit boring, but I wanted to make this skirt as a staple for my maternity wardrobe – something that can be dressed up or down, or worn for work or going out.

    Making the skirt was super quick and easy – especially with the help of my trusty overlocker! All in all it took me about 2/3 hrs to make this. So it was a nice quick-sew project to get my new year sewing started.

    I would like to make another one of these, perhaps in a more interesting/patterned fabric… but in all honesty… time is running out. Keep an eye on the blog as I rattle out some final maternity clothes before I go pop!

    Pattern: Erin Maternity Skirt by Megan Nielsen

    Fabric: Plain Black Ponte Roma Jersey from Backstitch

    Size made: Small

    Alterations made: None!

  • A Houndstooth Moneta, Maternity Style!

  • I’ve finally hopped aboard the Moneta bandwagon! I think everyone else in the whole world has made one of these… and finally I can be added to that list.

    The Moneta seemed a perfect choice for adapting into a maternity dress. It uses knit fabric (tick), has a big swishy skirt (tick), and covers my modesty (tick tick tick!). All I really needed to do was raise the waistline a bit higher, so that it sits above my bump. I think I could have even taken it up another inch or so still, but I’m really happy with this result.

    The fabric was lovely to work with. It’s quite a medium weight jersey with a nice drape. I picked this up when I visited the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, from the Sew Over It stand. I love houndstooth pattern! It is kind of printed onto this fabric, so from the wrong side you can’t see any of the pattern at all. This gave me a moment of head-stratching before I was about to cut the pattern pieces out, as I didn’t want to end up cutting out on the wonk. I ended up cutting out from the front of the fabric to make sure I was keeping nice and straight. It just meant flipping pattern pieces over to cut them the right way round.

    I then had the joy of my very first shirring experience with clear elastic. I say joy, but actually mean punch-up! My first attempt didn’t go so great. I had such uneven gathering. I unpicked all of that and on my second try it turned out a lot better (not perfect, but much better). It just takes a bit of a knack for feeding it through the machine at an even tension for the whole way round the waistband of the skirt, plus keeping the elastic on the straight and narrow.

    I did want to add pockets to the dress too, but ran out of time as I rushed this through before heading down to Shoreditch to attend the launch party for the fabulous Suzy Magazine. I had such a great time, and talked until my voice stopped working! But that’s another story 🙂

    Then I also had my first attempt at twin needle stitching. All I can say is ohhhhhhhhhh. Got on really well with this technique!

    I love the Moneta and will definitely be trying to make another maternity version before I pop. It’s so comfy and easy to throw on. And I’m also looking forward to making a normal Moneta post-preggo… hopefully when I have a waist again!

    Pattern: Moneta Dress (version 3) by Colette Patterns

    Fabric: Houndstooth Jersey from Sew Over It

    Size made: Medium

    Alterations made: Bodice shortened by 2″, skirt shortened by 2″ overall