• My First Jenny Overalls, with Like Sew Amazing


    Guys, I am so excited to share this make with you! Not only is this my first project as part of the Like Sew Amazing Blogger Team, but this is also my first ever pair of Closet Case Jenny Overalls and I can’t stop gushing over them!

    The fabric I used was a linen viscose blend with this giant daisy monochrome print from Like Sew Amazing, and using it with this pattern was complete marriage made in heaven. This blend of linen/viscose  has a lovely balance of structure and drape, making it ideal for this make.

    I had a bit of trouble with attempting some pattern matching, as the pattern was so large, and had some very slight differences across the fabric. I tortured myself for a while, trying to get it perfect, and then realised that I might as well just get on and enjoy the process.

    I fretted for a while over the sizing of these overalls – convincing myself that they wouldn’t suit me, or fit around my hips/bum! I ended up sewing a straight size 10, and I’m astonished at how well they fit. Seriously – they’re so good!!

    And I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the construction of these gorgeous overalls – from the faux fly to the side zipper (I inserted 1 only, and that is fine for me). The instructions were as you would expect from Closet Case – crystal clear and enough detail to stop you (me) from screwing anything up.

    I honestly cannot stop raving about his pattern. If you’re toying with the idea of making these, then I urge you to bite the bullet. One of my all time favourite patterns!


    Pattern: Closet Case Jenny Overalls

    Fabric: Mono Daisy Linen/Viscose from Like Sew Amazing

    Size made: 10

    Alterations made: None!

    Frankie got involved with the photoshoot!

    Disclaimer – Fabric gifted to me as part of the LSA Blogger Team

  • Self-Drafted Statement Yellow Skirt

  • Just a quick little make I wanted to show you all today! I drafted a BRIGHT YELLOW half circle skirt… and I love it!

    I ordered the fabric from Sew Me Sunshine a while back, just falling in love with the colour. It is a viscose twill – a combination which I don’t think I have come across before. But man is it dreamy! It has all of that lovely drape that we want from a viscose. The twill element means that you can see the diagonal lines across the fabric (like you see on denim, except without the weight of denim, if that makes sense!). The fabric was fairly sheer, so definitely needed a lining. I just bought a cheap white poly lining fabric from John Lewis. Though I wish I had bought something a bit better quality because after I finished the skirt I found it to still be a bit on the sheer side! Nude undies a must!

    The maths part!

    I started the skirt by measuring my waist, and that let me work out the size of the waistband. This measurement is the circumference of the circle, if you’re looking at it from a flat pattern point of view. Then you need to work out the radius of said circle to then draw out the pattern (the equation is r = c / 2Π ). There are lots of websites which offer a circle skirt calculator – the best one I have found is the By Hand London one here – https://byhandlondon.com/pages/circle-skirt-app. I really enjoyed working out the maths of all of this… I used to love this kind of stuff at school! I should also mention that if you are wanting to work all of this out yourself to make your own skirt, then always remember that you will need to add on your seam allowances too.

    I ended up using a piece of string tied onto a fabric pen, and a long pin to draw out the pattern straight onto my fabric. It didn’t look perfect as I was drawing it out – quite sketchy! But all worked out in the end.

    I then added an invisible zipper and the lining… and hey presto! One finished half circle skirt of yellowey loveliness!

    I love teaming this with my Strong Girls Club slogan tee from Mutha.Hood. I feel super in this outfit!

    Thanks for reading lovelies x







    Pattern – Self-drafted skirt

    Fabric – Sew Me Sunshine