• A sneak peek inside the-S box!

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    I’m one of those really annoying people who starts banging on about Christmas during the heat of summer. Just to be honest! So you can probably guess the levels of excitement and girly squealing when I received this gorgeously festive crafty subscription box through the post.

    The lovely people at the-stitchery kindly sent me this November edition of ‘the-s box’. They release a new box every month, filled with sewing, knitting and crafting goodies.

    This November box is themed as ‘Nordic Noel’ and is packed with Scandi-inspired fabrics, ribbons and other craft supplies. Perfect for making decorations ahead of the festive period!

    They also enclose with the box some project ideas, which are great for getting a bit of inspiration. Suggestions include hanging fabric or felt hearts, Christmas tree or snowflakes for the tree, embroidered lavender bags to give as stocking fillers and mini gingham stockings decorated with bells. I feel all giddy for Christmas just typing this!

    A single box is £14.95, which I think is great value considering that the full value of contents of this particular box is £19.25. This is great as a treat to yourself, or a gift to crafty friends and family.

    I can’t wait to get stuck in with some Christmas crafting with my S Box!

    Disclaimer: I was provided with a free box, in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



  • A Cosy Mustard Yellow Linden Sweatshirt

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    Over the weekend I treated myself to this quick sew project – which I’ve been meaning to make for about a month!

    The pattern is a Grainline Studio Linden Sweatshirt. I made one of these last autumn, and I’ve worn it so much it’s kind of turned all bobbly. So it was high time for me to make another. I love this pattern – it’s perfect for a quick project. This one took me a couple of hours to make.

    This sweatshirt fabric is absolutely stunning, and I loved working with it. The mustard yellow colour is incredible, and I love the tiny flecks of other colours too! I bought this fabric from Guthrie & Ghani using a discount voucher I had in my goody bag from the Sewing Weekender. And the inside of this fabric is so comfy – so so soft!

    I stitched it up entirely on my overlocker, which worked fantastically well. And a first for me was having a go cutting out pattern pieces with pattern weights and a rotary cutter. I honestly didn’t think I’d like this method, but turns out it gave such a perfect cut… and I’m a convert!

    The neckline is the trickiest part of this pattern. It kind of feels wrong stretching it out as you sew it in. And I guess the neckline is a bit on the large side, but I’m ok with that.

    I made this jumper 2 sizes larger than the last one I made, so that I can fit my baby bump in for a while longer, going into the Winter… here’s hoping.

    I have some more fabric in the wings waiting to be made into another sweatshirt, which I think I’ll do soon, while I’m in ‘Linden mode’! So watch this space 🙂

    Pattern: Grainline Studio, Linden Sweatshirt

    Fabric: Mustard yellow sweatshirt, Guthrie & Ghani

    Size made: 8

    Alterations: None


  • An Ikat Bettine, and a little baby bump!

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    So those who have seen my latest vlog will have already seen this, my latest make – as well a my exciting news… that I’m pregnant! Over the moon, and little mini person is due February 2017.  Eeeek!

    Anyway, back to the dress….! I started this project way back in September at the Sewing Weekender. It was intended to be a quick sew project which I could finish in 1 day of sewing. That was ambitious! Ha. I was too busy having fun with new sewing friends and ended up only just cutting out my pieces. Ok, I did manage a tiny bit of the bodice, but that was it.

    When I got round to finishing this (ok it did take me a while…) I decided that the fabric was a little too sheer to not line at least the skirt. So that’s exactly what I did. I had some spare white lining fabric in my stash, so I just used that – which felt good to not have to buy any more fabric.

    The pattern is the gorgeous Bettine by Tilly and the Buttons. I have made a Bettine before, so I knew I’d love it! It’s such a great dress – and one which would be perfect for any beginner dressmaker too.

    I absolutely adore the Ikat navy blue on this fabric. It’s so pretty! This fabric was kindly given to me by online shop Stoff & Stil. They have some incredible, fashionable fabrics on their site and I’d highly recommend checking them out.

    So with my growing baby belly, I knew I wanted to wear the elasticated waistline fairly high, so that it sits above my bump. This means that the bodice kind of drapes over the waistline, which I actually really like!

    Anyway, this dress might not last me too long before the bump is too big to fit in, but it’s such a lovely ‘small bump’ dress after I added extra ease to the skirt.

    So my love affair with Bettine continues, and long may it last!


    -Added ease to the skirt (can’t remember how much!).

    -On fitting, needed to remove some of said ease towards the top of the skirt.

    -Added a couple of inches length to the skirt.


    Pattern: Tilly and the Buttons Bettine

    Fabric: Ikat Woven Viscose, Stoff & Stil