• A Scuba Deer & Doe Zephyr Dress

  • I’ve been up to my old naptime tricks again… and somehow managed to rush a quick-sew project to wear to The GBSB Live on Saturday! As is my way, I left it so late to make this. And ended up rushing it off of the sewing machine at 11pm the night before I needed it. Classic Jen activity.

    Anyway, here it is. It all of it’s scuba-rific glory.

    For so long I was completely disinterested in sewing or wearing anything scuba. I used to look at garments in the cheaper high street shops and think it looked, well, kind of tacky. But in the last few months I have been hearing more and more positive stories about sewing with scuba. So I thought, what the hell, I’ll give it a go! For one, I was sold on it being great for quick makes, as the seams don’t necessarily need finishing (scuba doesn’t fray). One massive tick from me.

    I came across this gorgeous patterned scuba on probably my favourite website (although my bank account would say otherwise), Fabric Godmother. It arrived and I was so surprised at how soft and smooth it was… and kind of laid to rest my concerns about scuba looking a bit cheap. It has a lovely drape and great swishy movement to it too – not at all what my preconceived idea of scuba was.

    I decided to give the Deer & Doe Zephyr a crack, after being drawn to it for way too long. I made version B (V-neck), and decided to make the bodice from a plain black scuba, with a neckline matching the skirt.

    The whole pattern was super simple and easy. The trickiest part was the neckline, for sure. But the rest was dead simple. Perfect for me stitching this up in a total rush!

    It feels more of a going out/evening dressy dress – but I definitely didn’t let that stop me wearing it to the GBSB Live. No sir-ee.

    I love the fit of this dress so much. I instantly fell in love with it when I put it on mid-make, and gave it a good swish (because that’s just what you do when you are happy in a dress).

    Such an easy make – I will be sure to make this again! I want to dry making the skirt/top versions too.

    Pattern: Zephyr Dress by Deer & Doe

    Fabric: Patterned and plain scuba, Fabric Godmother

    Size made: 40

    Alterations made: None

    Alterations for future versions: I would need to make a slight adjustment for narrow shoulders. There was just a small amount of gape at the top of the back.

  • My first Rosa dress/first post-baby dress!

  • I wouldn’t normally say this… but maaaan am I proud of myself for this make. Reasons being twofold; 1 – It’s beaut, 2 – THIS IS MY FIRST MAKE SINCE HAVING THE BABY!

    Yep, that’s right. I have a 6 month old AND a whole Tilly and the Buttons Rosa dress. Go me! Sewn entirely in baby nap times. That, my friends, is the ultimate #naptimehustle!

    The Rosa dress pattern was released back when I was pregnant. I bought it from Tilly herself at The Handmade Fair. So I knew I wouldn’t be making/wearing a Rosa dress any time soon, as it wouldn’t exactly work with a bump!

    So now that I am starting to manage nap times a little bit better, I have been able to steal pockets of time to get my arse back in the sewing room. All part of feeling a bit more like myself again. And it has felt SO good.

    The first time I went into the sewing room after having the baby I cried my eyes out. It felt like I was looking at someone else’s life, and couldn’t see how I would ever be able to do even a tiny bit of sewing ever again (all doom and gloom eh!).

    But here I am. 6 months down the line. And I have impressed even myself.

    Anyway – back to the dress…

    Just before I had the baby (literally while I was in labour at home, having my contractions), I decided I wanted to make a dress using different shades of denim. I had been seeing this mixed denim look on the high street quite a bit, so decided to make my own version.

    Rosa was an obvious choice, because I had been waiting to make one for the whole of pregnancy – plus, the dress panels meant that using different shades of denim would look more effective.

    So sitting there on the sofa, waiting for baby to drop, I planned out how much fabric to order for each shade of denim. Then swiftly placed my order with Fabric Godmother.

    The pattern itself was as you would expect – easy to follow with great instructions.

    My main challenge with this dress was getting the topstitching just perfect. I had a few sewing machine issues (I am out of love with my Janome DKS100 for breaking twice now!). Once I managed to get my machine fixed, topstitching was a breeze.

    Then before I stitched up the side seams, I just checked out fitting by pinning the seams up. She was tight! So I ended up sewing the sides up with a tiny seam allowance. All ended well and I don’t think I looked like ‘the snake that snacked’.

    As I was sewing this dress, I kept having reservations about whether or not the mixed denims would work. It wasn’t until I finished it and put it on that I fell in love with it.

    I am so so so so happy with the finish. It was worth the time perfecting the white topstitching. And I even managed to finish the dress in time for wearing to The Sewing Weekender. High five to that!

    Thanks for reading sewing fans.