• Mile End & Plateau Tracksuit | Closet Core Patterns

  • I am ridiculously excited to show you my brand new ultimate comfort tracksuit…. and it’s YELLOW! Honestly, this outfit is so incredibly comfy… I am in love.

    This make was a case of seeing the fabric first, then matching it with patterns for the top and bottoms. As you have probably guessed, I am a big fan of all things yellow. And what I love about this sweatshirting is that the colour isn’t too ‘in your face’. It is a beautiful soft colour, with a marl look to it too. And it is fleece-backed, so really warm and cosy. I bought this fabric from Backstitch (disclaimer – I work there, and bought with my staff discount), and also picked up a little bit of matching ribbing too.

    The patterns I chose were both by Closet Core Patterns – the Mile End Sweatshirt and the Plateau Joggers.

    I had been intrigued to try a Mile End for a while – I have made lots of sweatshirts over the years, and the shape of this one is just a little bit different. It’s quite boxy, a little bit cropped, and also has some interesting seam lines. I’m a little bit self conscious when I reach up when wearing this, as it rises and flashes my tummy a bit. But when I wear with a vest or tee tucked in underneath then I feel fine.

    I loved the slanted side seam lines, and the seam line across the upper back (kind of like a yoke) – it just makes this pattern that little bit different I think. I did a bit of top-stitching on these seam lines too, which looks lovely. I just used a simple straight stitch for the top-stitching because I wanted it to look nice and neat. I know it’s a bit of a no-no on a knit/stretch fabric, but I figured that the areas I was straight-stitching were places where the fabric wouldn’t be stretched or under pressure.

    This fabric was such a dream to work with. It keeps its shape really well, and pressed nicely too. The neckline, once I’d finished and pressed, looked so neat! I get a real kick from getting details like that super perfect.

    Onto the Plateau Joggers! These gave me a bit more of a headache than the sweatshirt. But that was more about me than the pattern! I had a bit of a nightmare with the elastic as I bought one which was a bit too wide (by accident). I tried to use it anyway, got it all snarled up in my stitching, so ended up completely cutting out that attempt and starting again. I bought a more narrow elastic, and it worked perfectly. I toyed with the idea of adding cord and eyelets, but I didn’t love how it looked on my first waistband attempt, so decided to leave it off.

    Otherwise, the construction of the joggers was relatively straightforward. I did decide to switch the pocket fabric to a thin jersey I had in my stash, as I felt as though using my fleece-backed sweatshirting for pockets would be far too bulky. Definitely pleased I made that call. The construction of the pockets was a little bit different, but I followed the instructions and they worked out well. Perhaps a little bit gapey when finished, but I’m happy with them. Once I stitched the ankle cuff pieces I decided that the length was a bit too much for me – I prefer more of an ankle graze length. So I took about an inch off of the leg/cuff seam. And pleased with the result!

    I’m really happy with both garments, and really love the outfit as a whole too. It’s really practical for everyday, and know this is going to get a lot of wear. My only negative is that I’m not 100% sure that I love the cropped length of the sweatshirt, but I’ve been wearing it lots over the past few days and think it’s growing on me 🙂

    Anyway, that’s all from me… I have a couple more makes to show you in the next couple of weeks. So see you here again soon!

    Pattern: Mile End Sweatshirt and Plateau Joggers by Closet Core Patterns

    Fabric: Yellow Sweatshirting and Ribbing from Backstitch

    Notions: Elastic bought from Backstitch

    Size made: 12

    Alterations made: Shortened by an inch (approx) at the leg/ankle cuff seam

  • Pearl Cardigan | Tilly and the Buttons

  • Ad/contains gifted pattern (with no obligation to share)

    Hello sewists!

    I’m unbelievably excited to be publishing a brand spanking new make to the blog today. It’s been so nice to have a little bit of time to sew in the last week. I’ve seriously needed the little bit of time to myself to zone out and be creative.

    I was over the moon to be sent the latest pattern by Tilly and the Buttons, Pearl. She is a lovely little cropped wrap cardigan with 3 different sleeve options. Upon seeing the photos of this pattern, I had immediate flashbacks to being 6 years old at ballet class! And there was really no doubt in my mind that I would 100% be making this with the gorgeous balloon sleeves.

    Luckily I remembered that I had the most perfect cobalt blue knit fabric in my stash. I dug it out and fell in love with this fabric all over again! I bought this from Sew Me Sunshine back in lockdown #1 in 2020. It was originally destined to become a Tilly and the Buttons Bertha cardigan. But alas… time did not allow.

    The pattern was as you would expect from TATB. Beautiful instructions, great descriptive bitesize steps, beginner-friendly, and an all-round joy to sew. The most difficult parts of this make were probably the balloon sleeves/cuffs, and also making the hole in the hem band (which you thread one of the waist ties through). All absolutely straightforward with the instructions though. I did watch a little video on the TATB website (linked here) about creating the hole in the hem band though (the video was actually relating to making thumb holes in cuffs, but uses the same technique). That really helped me to figure that out.

    The fabric was a little tricky to sew. Very drapey and stretchy. I was quite worried that it was stretching out of shape as I was sewing it. But I kept going and it seemed to be fine. Moral of this story – worry less and sew more Jen! And I’m really happy with how this fabric has worked with the pattern. I think the drape really gives a flattering look to the balloon sleeves and also the waist ties too.

    I’m so happy with the finished top! I didn’t know how much I needed a wrap cardigan in my life. If I make another one of these then I’d maybe lengthen it a little. It is quite cropped – but that is the look/style though. I’m just a little bit paranoid about flashing my tummy a bit too much. Definitely pair with high waisted jeans though, and job’s a goodun.

    Hope you like this! And keep everything crossed that I continue to get some sewing time in… so I can be back on here again really soon with new makes….!

    Thanks for reading guys x

    Pattern: Pearl Cardigan by Tilly and the Buttons

    Fabric: meetMilk Soft Lima Knit with Lenzing Ecovero Viscose Fibres from Sew Me Sunshine

    Notions: Prym seam tape bought from Amazon

    Size made: 5

    Alterations made: None

    Time taken: 1.5 hours cutting out + approx 4 hours of sewing

  • Nexus Blouse | Papercut Patterns

  • So I’m back again blogging again another make in the same week… who even am I?!

    This is a lovely blouse which I made quite a few months back. I seem to recall that it was the sleeves on this which really called out to me. I’m a sucker for a big billow-ey sleeve! I also loved how this would be a breastfeeding-friendly pattern too, with a simple buttoned placket.

    The construction was all nice and straightforward, and I remember loving how quickly it came together. I guess when you set out on sewing yourself a blouse, you start to prepare yourself early on for some serious collar work. But the beauty of this pattern is that it doesn’t have a shirt collar. So just a facing was all that was required.

    The hem was a little bit more tricky, as it is scooped down at the front and back, with high rises to the sides. And if I’m really honest, it’s part of the design which I don’t really love. I think if I make a Nexus again then I’ll try to smooth out the severity of that hemline. It just feels like the sides come up too high, and I like to feel like my hips are definitely covered.

    The sleeves on this are stunning. I absolutely love the shape! Although I must admit, these do come up really long. And I’m someone who usually loves a really long sleeve on tops. So again, just another point I’d bear in mind if I make one of these in the future.

    The fit did come up a little bit small, which makes me feel a bit self-conscious – especially if I’m sitting down I get some gapping between the buttons.

    It looks lovely when I’m standing up, and if I pull it around when I’m sat down it’s fine. I just don’t feel entirely comfortable in it so I’d consider going up a size in the future.

    The fabric was a dream to sew with – it was well behaved. And it has a lovely smooth texture, and a good drape. The colour is quite close to my hair colour, but I’m ok with that!

    So all in all, a lovely pattern. I would just tweak a few things if I were to make another one in the future.

    Pattern: Nexus Blouse by Papercut Patterns

    Fabric: ‘Copper Dalmatian’ with Tencel from Sister Mintaka

    Notions: Atelier Brunette classic matte buttons from Lamazi Fabrics

    Size made: 5

    Alterations made: None