My name is Jen and I am a sewing addict.

In May 2014, 10 months after getting married, I was still kind of suffering from post-wedding blues. The creative in me was hungry for a new challenge. I swiftly took myself to a local college and signed up to do an evening course in beginners' dressmaking. Best. Decision. EVER.

Very quickly I fell in love with sewing, and now you have trouble to peel me away from my sewing machine!

One cold winter's eve in January 2015, and suffering from a cruddy bout of tonsillitis, I decided it would be fun to put all of my makes, ideas and musings into a blog... and so The Gingerthread Girl was born.

I now dedicate all of my spare time around a full-time job to dressmaking, sewing and other crafty projects.





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