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  • My first handmade jacket

  • Ollo loveliest everyones! I've been away from the blog pretty much for the last month - mostly due to crazy house move activities and going on holiday.  It was a much needed rest and relax in gorgeous sunshiny Marrakech.  I took with me a couple of books + a shed load of magazines - one of which [...]
  • The Pac-Man Shirt Dress

  • Howdy!  So I’ve been suffering badly with the dreaded lurgy lately – which has been a bummer, to say the least!  It’s taken me so long to get on and actually finish this dress.  I think I started it at the end of November…  wow… just worked that out myself.  It DID take me ages! The pattern i [...]
  • Summer wedding number 2 guest dress

  • Evening lovelies! Tonight I give you another very gorgeous By Hand London Flora dress.  This is a dress which I made in super fast time to wear to a very special wedding in August last year.  It was like real life Great British Sewing Bee!!  I try to avoid making things in a rush to a deadlin [...]
  • A girly swirly wedding guest dress

  • Back in August I attended the wedding of an old school friend of mine, at a gorgeous hotel in St Albans.  I decided some time beforehand that I wanted to be good enough at dressmaking to be able to make my own dress to wear on the day of the wedding.  I had only been sewing for a few months, so [...]