Christmas Wreath Workshop Fun!

I had a super fun day yesterday, catching up with a bunch of my friends at an incredible wreath making workshop! Me and the girls always like to meet up for a Christmassy get-together – last year we went to see Love Actually in London with a live orchestra. So this year we were excited to try a different approach to filling ourselves with festive cheer.

The workshop was lead by the lovely Kim of English Petal & Herb, and she talked us through all of the basics of putting together our very own Christmas wreaths. She had a huge choice of greenery to choose from, so you could really tailor your own wreath to exactly what you wanted. And so many extra bits, like baubles, pine cones, cinnamon sticks – you name it, she had it covered. 

I tried to go for the natural/earthy kind of look with my wreath, but at the end I couldn’t help but throw some gold glitter all over! The heart wants what the heart wants ok! 

It was so fun to see how each person made their wreath – but the main thing I was really impressed with is how everyone’s wreath ended up looking so professional. We all left feeling super excited to see the finished pieces on our front doors. I mean, after we made a quick stop for late lunch and prosecco!

Thank you Kim for hosting such a wonderful workshop. We had a blast and we’ve already decided we’re coming back next year for the same. It’s going to be our new Christmas tradition! 

Lots of festive love

Jen x

Some happy wreath makers right there

Close-up of my wreath!

The girls' wreaths!

Wiring the moss to the wreath shape

All all-important moss!

Look at that focus... and spot the mince pies and mulled wine!

This girl feeling 'very Kirsty Allsop in Handmade Christmas' 🙂

So many gorgeous bits to add to our wreaths

Ta-dah! The finished wreaths taking shape

Et voila!

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