My first Rosa dress/first post-baby dress!

I wouldn’t normally say this… but maaaan am I proud of myself for this make. Reasons being twofold; 1 – It’s beaut, 2 – THIS IS MY FIRST MAKE SINCE HAVING THE BABY!

Yep, that’s right. I have a 6 month old AND a whole Tilly and the Buttons Rosa dress. Go me! Sewn entirely in baby nap times. That, my friends, is the ultimate #naptimehustle!

The Rosa dress pattern was released back when I was pregnant. I bought it from Tilly herself at The Handmade Fair. So I knew I wouldn’t be making/wearing a Rosa dress any time soon, as it wouldn’t exactly work with a bump!

So now that I am starting to manage nap times a little bit better, I have been able to steal pockets of time to get my arse back in the sewing room. All part of feeling a bit more like myself again. And it has felt SO good.

The first time I went into the sewing room after having the baby I cried my eyes out. It felt like I was looking at someone else’s life, and couldn’t see how I would ever be able to do even a tiny bit of sewing ever again (all doom and gloom eh!).

But here I am. 6 months down the line. And I have impressed even myself.

Anyway – back to the dress…

Just before I had the baby (literally while I was in labour at home, having my contractions), I decided I wanted to make a dress using different shades of denim. I had been seeing this mixed denim look on the high street quite a bit, so decided to make my own version.

Rosa was an obvious choice, because I had been waiting to make one for the whole of pregnancy – plus, the dress panels meant that using different shades of denim would look more effective.

So sitting there on the sofa, waiting for baby to drop, I planned out how much fabric to order for each shade of denim. Then swiftly placed my order with Fabric Godmother.

The pattern itself was as you would expect – easy to follow with great instructions.

My main challenge with this dress was getting the topstitching just perfect. I had a few sewing machine issues (I am out of love with my Janome DKS100 for breaking twice now!). Once I managed to get my machine fixed, topstitching was a breeze.

Then before I stitched up the side seams, I just checked out fitting by pinning the seams up. She was tight! So I ended up sewing the sides up with a tiny seam allowance. All ended well and I don’t think I looked like ‘the snake that snacked’.

As I was sewing this dress, I kept having reservations about whether or not the mixed denims would work. It wasn’t until I finished it and put it on that I fell in love with it.

I am so so so so happy with the finish. It was worth the time perfecting the white topstitching. And I even managed to finish the dress in time for wearing to The Sewing Weekender. High five to that!

Thanks for reading sewing fans.


  1. by Ginger on September 13, 2017  8:44 pm Reply

    Really nice make! I collect old jeans to upcycle so a project like this really appeals to me.

    • by Gingerthread Girl on September 24, 2017  9:38 am Reply

      Thanks so much! I should do this too - I have so many old pairs of jeans which I keep in the hop that I will squeeze back into them one day soon...!

  2. by Juliana M on September 14, 2017  12:32 am Reply

    You should indeed be proud of yourself, kudos to you. My baby is 3 months old and I want to get in my sewing room, need to make clothes, but there's just a tiny perspective. I am trying really hard!
    Dress is lovely, you look great.

    • by Gingerthread Girl on September 24, 2017  9:32 am Reply

      Oh congratulations to you! It's hard isn't it... but I have to say, I know even managing the tiniest bit of sewing here or there has saved me from going crazy! Like it's a little reminder of who I am, instead of being 100% the new mum version of me. Good luck to you - and I'm keeping everything crossed that you get some decent nap times so you can sew (or sleep/eat/wee if you prefer!) :) x

      • by Juliana M on September 26, 2017  7:54 pm Reply


  3. by Helen J on September 14, 2017  10:47 pm Reply

    The two-tone denim looks fantastic, it's beautifully made and I love the little details. And well done on doing all of that with a 6 month old!

    • by Gingerthread Girl on September 24, 2017  9:27 am Reply

      Thank you! Haha, definitely a challenge doing any sewing with a 6 month old... but through the magic of decent nap times and my husband enabling me to sew, I've managed to get a little bit done. Very slowly slowly... but that's just fine. It saves a little tiny piece of my sanity! :) x

  4. by Let's Get Sewing on September 24, 2017  9:10 am Reply

    This is amazing! I love the Rosa pattern, yours is just stunning!

    • by Gingerthread Girl on September 24, 2017  9:25 am Reply

      Oh thank you so much! Lovely comment :) x

  5. by Lia on September 26, 2017  5:38 pm Reply

    Super sharp collar, great fit, awesome faced hem - this is a great dress!!! You look awesome. : )

    • by Gingerthread Girl on September 27, 2017  1:22 pm Reply

      Thank you so much! I am so pleased with how it turned out :)

  6. by PsychicSewerKathleen on October 27, 2017  2:55 pm Reply

    I love your colour-blocking Rosa in denim! I've been meaning to something like it too. I have some denim to use - I just haven't decided on the pattern yet. A denim dress is something you'll find you wear a LOT. I had one years ago (RTW) that I wore until I couldn't get it over my hips anymore (yes the snake that definitely OVER snacked :) and got old too) but I've been meaning to make myself another to replace it that actually fits :) You've inspired me!

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