The Pac-Man Shirt Dress

Pac-Man Dress

Howdy!  So I’ve been suffering badly with the dreaded lurgy lately – which has been a bummer, to say the least!  It’s taken me so long to get on and actually finish this dress.  I think I started it at the end of November…  wow… just worked that out myself.  It DID take me ages!

The pattern is the Cami Dress by Pauline Alice.  I was a very lucky girl for my birthday in November, and got given a bunch of different dressmaking bits.  This pattern was one of the presents – bought from my local, Backstitch.

And the fabric for this dress was picked up from Backstitch too.  This wasn’t part of my birthday present – instead one of my cheeky lunchtime purchases.  It’s called Cosmic Blue by Atelier Brunette.  The design on the fabric is amazing, and can only be described as tiny Pac-Men printed all over!  The colour is quite stunning too – very eye-catching.

I have to say I am pretty bloody proud of myself for finishing this dress.  Making it involved learning quite a few new techniques.  So I’m pretty pleased that everything turned out ok and wearable!

New techniques were:

  • Buttonholes and buttons
  • Gathering fabric (for skirt)
  • Inserting a standard zip
  • Making a collar


To learn each of these techniques I used a combination of checking through my selection of dressmaking books, and also searching through YouTube videos too.  One of my favourite books at the moment is Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes (of Tilly and the Buttons). Such an amazing book, which includes some patterns too.

Pac-Man Dress Pac-Man Dress

Pac-Man Dress Pac-Man Dress Pac-Man Dress Pac-Man Dress Pac-Man Dress

This is going to be one of my work wardrobe staples now… and I can’t wait to get on a fabric buying spree to make more!!!  The only thing I think I might change is to make it a bit larger on the bodice to allow plenty of room for boobies 😉


Peace and love

Jen x

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