A Birthday Nora Top Treat!

Super excited to have teamed up with my lovely ‘sewing wife’, Sarah from Like Sew Amazing on this latest make. If you have followed me for a while, you might already know that the deep love of sewing is not the only thing Sarah and I have in common – we also share the same birthday! Birthday twins, yay!

So to celebrate this year, we decided to do the same as we did last year. We each bought each other some fabric to make something with – then, in a way, it’s like our makes are a gift to each other. I know, we’re sweet right?! LOLs.

Last year we made Ogden cami tops (see HERE for last year’s blog post). This year we have opted for the Nora top from everyone’s fav, Tilly and the Buttons. The fabric we used was this is from Sarah’s shop, both of us using this light knit jersey. I added a little bit of ribbing to the neckline and made up some ribbed cuffs too, from this gorgeous mint green ribbing.

The Nora pattern is lovely – and as a pattern from Tilly, it’s as solid and reliable as they come. It’s one of those wardrobe staple makes which is a lovely quick-sew, but also one which you will wear time and time again. The style is loose and boxy, and I absolutely love styling with a ‘French tuck’ at the front!

So there we have it – a little birthday treat for us. Hope you all likey! Now I’m off to eat my body weight in cake. Because in case you didn’t already know… it’s mah birthday!

Lots of love,

Jen x

A bit of twin needle activity at the hem

Minty cuffs (and an obligatory birthday balloon shot!)

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