A Luxury Liberty Lightweight Dressing Gown

I know, another blog post within a week! What is this craziness while I am very literally juggling a newborn baby?!

This is another of my pre-baby makes. And like the pyjama bottoms from my blog post earlier this week (here), I wanted to make this as a practical item to take with me in my hospital bag for going into labour. A lot of people recommend taking a lightweight dressing gown as maternity units can be very warm.

And for the feel-good factor I finally dipped into my stash for the fabric, rather than buying something new.  I forgot I had this Liberty fabric, so decided to splash out using this! I figured it would be nice to feel a tiny bit glamorous while in hospital.

The pattern I used was Gather Kits’ Buchanan. I have a big ol’ soft spot for Gather Kits, as my very first make was one of their patterns (the Mortmain dress – blog post here).

I had a few traumas making this as disaster struck when my sewing machine decided to breakdown! I know, the worst right?! All ok now though, as it was fixed by having a service and fiddling with some different needles (thank you Sewing Machines Direct).

The pattern was easy enough to put together. The only difficult thing I found was my machine not liking sewing the Liberty fabric with any kind of needle… maybe it was having a fussy day.

And after all of this… I never did wear it in the hospital! I think I forgot that I had it. Plus I was in for a few days and preferred getting properly dressed each day to make myself feel a bit more human. But I do have this hanging up in my bedroom now, which will be perfect for wearing in the Summer.

I love the navy trim on this dressing gown – I think it really compliments the colouring of the Liberty fabric well. And I have to say, I really recommend Gather Kits patterns. Their instructions are lovely and detailed – so you will struggle to go too far wrong!

Pattern: Buchanan by Gather Kits

Fabric: Liberty Tana Lawn (trim in a plain navy lawn from my stash)

Size made: Medium

Alterations made: None


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