A Special Birthday Ogden Cami

This has been a fun little quick-sew make – much needed after just finishing my Cocktail Hour dress!

The idea for this make was born last weekend at SewBrum (my very first SewBrum!). There I was hanging with the gorgeous Sarah from Like Sew Amazing, talking about our birthdays (she is my birthday twin, sharing 4th November) in Guthrie & Ghani. I had already done my shopping, but Sarah came up with the genius idea of us buying some fabric for each other to make the same garment, by way of a present to each other. We stroked our way around all of the fabric in the shop, and came to this beautiful petrol blue peachskin fabric. Such a gorgeous colour, and a beautiful feel and drape to it.

So we swiftly agreed on this fabric, and Sarah suggested us making True Bias Ogden Cami tops. This pattern was basically all I heard about at The Sewing Weekender earlier this year. And I must be the last person in the world to not have made it yet! So very happy to give it a stab.

The pattern was really straightforward to make – involving just 5 pattern pieces to be cut. The instructions were lovely and clear. And the sizing was bang on.

The fabric was kind of ok to work with… it was tricky to press, which made hemming the lining and outer shell fiddly (and threatened to burn all skin from my hands!). But it just took a bit of patience, and acceptance that I would be no doubt burning myself at some point.

So here we have it. My very own Ogden Cami, all for me. She’s a super wearable, dreamy, floaty vision of loveliness. The colour seems to work well with my hair I think. I will definitely be living in this in the summer. But for the autumn, I will be keeping a warm jumper nearby at all times!

Thank you Sarah for coming up with this genius idea. It was so much fun celebrating our birthdays with this make. Happy birthday to us! Be sure to check out Sarah’s Ogden Cami too – here.

Pattern – True Bias Ogden Cami

Fabric – Guthrie & Ghani 

Size made – 4

Alterations made – None

Frankie joined in for some posing!


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