My first handmade jacket

Victoria blazerOllo loveliest everyones!

I’ve been away from the blog pretty much for the last month – mostly due to crazy house move activities and going on holiday.  It was a much needed rest and relax in gorgeous sunshiny Marrakech.  I took with me a couple of books + a shed load of magazines – one of which being the most recent Sew Magazine.  I got so inspired reading it – and so frustrated because I couldn’t get to my machine to sew!  But the project ideas are backing way up now!  Amongst other things I have a bomber jacket next on the list of makes, followed by a dress to wear to a wedding reception… exciting times anyway!

And what about the Great British Sewing Bee eh?!  Did you watch it?  Did you love it? Did it give you push to pick up sewing/dressmaking?  I knew I loved Claudia anyway, but love her even more now… want to keep her!  And I’ve realised that I pretty much have similar hair… just a gingery version…!  And congrats to Matt – what a deserving winner – he absolutely smashed the final challenge.  Now I’m left with a void in my Thursday evenings – so better get on with some more sewing! 🙂

So I wanted to show you all photos of my very first handmade blazer jacket.  I was a tad nervous about making this, I guess because you think of exact precise sharp measurements and clean professional finishes when thinking about jackets.  So this one was a bit of a gamble if I’m honest.  I didn’t want to use super fancy fabric either, as I kind of thought I might stuff this up!

Victoria blazer

The pattern was one I had been given for my birthday in November – a By Hand London Victoria blazer.  So I had comfort in knowing that I had previously made 2 different By Hand London patterns, and both worked out very successfully.  The pattern (as expected) was super clear and easy to follow.  And I love By Hand London’s sewalongs on their website.  It gives really in-depth instructions to follow when making any of their designs.  So even less chance of me screwing it up!

The fabric I chose was just a plain navy blue drill from John Lewis in Cambridge.  In hindsight I wish I had maybe used a more medium weight fabric as the cotton drill was probably a bit thick for my liking.  But you live and learn (as my mum always tells me!).  The lining I find is the most exciting fabric choice for a blazer jacket.  I just LOVE opening up a jacket to find a super jazzy exciting coloured lining fabric!  So with this one I wanted to contrast it up with either a yellow or orange fabric.  I ended up opting for a cotton shirting from my local, Backstitch.

Victoria blazer

The whole pattern was really simple and a real pleasure to sew!  It totally inspired me to make a Victoria jacket in lots of different patterns/colours – for every time I go to go out and moan about having to wear a boring plain black jacket.  Don’t get me wrong, I like black but it’s really not ‘me’ to have to wear something so boring ALL THE TIME.  And jackets are so useful for work too – I obviously can’t get away with a crazy neon one there, but it would be lovely to have some plain ones – as I can always go to town on the linings!

Victoria blazerVictoria blazerVictoria blazerVictoria blazer

Anyway, hope you like this!  More projects to follow soon!

Peace and love x

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