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So I’m back again blogging again another make in the same week… who even am I?!

This is a lovely blouse which I made quite a few months back. I seem to recall that it was the sleeves on this which really called out to me. I’m a sucker for a big billow-ey sleeve! I also loved how this would be a breastfeeding-friendly pattern too, with a simple buttoned placket.

The construction was all nice and straightforward, and I remember loving how quickly it came together. I guess when you set out on sewing yourself a blouse, you start to prepare yourself early on for some serious collar work. But the beauty of this pattern is that it doesn’t have a shirt collar. So just a facing was all that was required.

The hem was a little bit more tricky, as it is scooped down at the front and back, with high rises to the sides. And if I’m really honest, it’s part of the design which I don’t really love. I think if I make a Nexus again then I’ll try to smooth out the severity of that hemline. It just feels like the sides come up too high, and I like to feel like my hips are definitely covered.

The sleeves on this are stunning. I absolutely love the shape! Although I must admit, these do come up really long. And I’m someone who usually loves a really long sleeve on tops. So again, just another point I’d bear in mind if I make one of these in the future.

The fit did come up a little bit small, which makes me feel a bit self-conscious – especially if I’m sitting down I get some gapping between the buttons.

It looks lovely when I’m standing up, and if I pull it around when I’m sat down it’s fine. I just don’t feel entirely comfortable in it so I’d consider going up a size in the future.

The fabric was a dream to sew with – it was well behaved. And it has a lovely smooth texture, and a good drape. The colour is quite close to my hair colour, but I’m ok with that!

So all in all, a lovely pattern. I would just tweak a few things if I were to make another one in the future.

Pattern: Nexus Blouse by Papercut Patterns

Fabric: ‘Copper Dalmatian’ with Tencel from Sister Mintaka

Notions: Atelier Brunette classic matte buttons from Lamazi Fabrics

Size made: 5

Alterations made: None

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