• A Peachy Cocoon Coat of Dreams

  • Well this has been a long time in the making! One of those projects which I have been working on, in little bitesize pieces, for months now. For so long I had wanted to try my hand at making a proper coat, and heck, I’m bloody proud of myself for making this.

    The pattern is the Sew Over It Cocoon Coat, which came with the first edition of Lisa Comfort‘s magazine. I felt like this was a style I could wear really easily for work, as I had been wearing one very similar (RTW) for so long – but it is starting to look a bit sad as I’ve worn it so much!

    The pattern came as a normal printed pattern in a paper envelope. The only difference was that the instructions came printed inside the magazine. And as I wanted to add pockets (obviously!), I just had to download the welt pocket add-on from the Lisa Comfort website. The instructions throughout were super clear. I just had one issue which was to do with the numbering of the steps near the start – I think that may just be a small error. It was easy to work it out, so no real problem. There were no massive head-scratching moments – so all in all, great instructions with clear photos to help guide you through.

    The fabric I chose was this absolute stunner… peach wool coating from Ray Stitch. I was so drawn to this, despite it probably not being ‘my colour’… I just attached to it (online) and just had to have it. Very much an investment piece of fabric (yikes!), but I knew that I wanted to make a quality coat using a premium fabric which I could get lots of wear out of – and really enjoy.

    The lining fabric isn’t a traditional slippery lining. Instead I used a viscose, which you likely already recognise as being one of the ever popular Atelier Brunette viscose fabrics. The background colour of this is a deep green. And some of the strokes in the pattern are an exact colour match to the coat fabric. And I thought to myself about how excited I get when you see a garment, open it up and have that flash of a beautiful patterned lining – and that feeling had me all kinds of sold on putting this fancy Atelier Brunette on the inside of my new coat. And I’m delighted with the result!

    And I can’t write this blog post without mentioning a tool which helped no end with this make – my beautiful clapper which was bought from Sew Essential. It helped me press those bouncy coating seams nice and flat. And I firmly believe that this bit of kit really helps to give the coat a professional finish. Cannot recommend it highly enough!

    I made this coat over the course of maybe 5 months, in tiny snippets of time in the sewing room. This sounds crazy, but I really don’t get much time to myself, to sew. So having finished this feels incredibly satisfying! I didn’t cut any corners or rush any part (as tempting as that is when you’re embarking on a big make!). And for that reason the finish is just beautiful. Sorry if that sounds a bit like I’m blowing my own trumpet. Actually, I take that back… I’m not sorry. It is one gorgeous coat! And I’m super proud of that.

    Thanks for reading guys!

    Pattern: Sew Over It Cocoon Coat

    Fabric: Peach coating from Ray Stitch, with Atelier Brunette viscose lining (I can’t remember where I bought this!)

    Size made: 10

    Adjustments made: None!

  • A Leopard Print Nikko Top

  • Disclaimer – Fabric gifted from Like Sew Amazing,

    as part of the Like Sew Amazing blogger team. 

    Hi guys! I haven’t posted on the blog in so long. So here I am, showing my face… and this cheeky little top I whipped up last weekend. I keeping seeing leopard print absolutely everywhere on the high street. I’m not sure it’s exactly ‘my thing’, but when I saw this teal jersey pop up on Like Sew Amazing’s instagram stories, I was all of the heart eyes!

    And after making the dress version of Nikko in December, I’ve been excited to make the top version too. I guess the reason being that the fit is just perfect. It’s quite tight fitting, but I quite like that! Tight in the right places, you know?!

    And just a word of warning – if you plan to make a Nikko top or dress at any point – do make sure you follow the guidance on the amount of stretch your fabric needs. Otherwise you won’t get this over your head! 

    This was such a quick make – I surprised even myself! Just what I needed when I hadn’t sewn anything much for a while. It took 1 hr 45 mins total… all completed within nap time – how incredible is that?!

    I just used the sewing machine too. My laziness prevented me from being bothered to change the thread colour on the overlocker…. so I just stuck to using the stretch stitch on my sewing machine. And I have to say – it worked out absolutely fine. 

    This top is a perfect wardrobe staple – and my plan was that this could be worn tucked into high waisted jeans or worn underneath some dungarees. 

    Super happy with this make! Hope you guys like it too.

    Pattern: True Bias, Nikko Top

    Fabric: Leopard print jersey from Like Sew Amazing

    Size made: 4 graded to 6 towards the hip

    Adjustments made: Shortened sleeves

  • Lucida Dress Loveliness!

  • Hi guys! It seems like way too long since I last blogged a new make… so here is my latest project! I haven’t sewn much lately due to a combo of sickness bugs (plural!) and Harvey travelling for work. Plus, you know, normal hectic life… so by the time I managed to get myself back into the sewing room it felt SO GOOD!

    I picked up this pattern, a Friday Pattern Company Lucida Dress, at a recent sewing day at my local haberdashery, Backstitch. I had my eye on this for a while, so finally caved and bought it. So pleased that I did! Not only is this a gorgeous dress – it is deceptively simple and quick to sew. So fast rewards on your sewing! Which was perfect for me, feeling the blues of having not sewn for too long. In the blink of an eye (well, almost), I had a whole dress… all for me!! 

    The pattern and instructions are really clear and very easy to follow. I love the ruched front to the bodice. It’s such a nice detail – flattering too. But so straightforward to make. The only alteration I had to make was to the back neckline. It may have been my own fault as it could have been that I stretched it out during the sewing process. But either way, I just altered by adding some darts, which did the trick. 

    The fabric I used is this utterly dreamy peachskin modal jersey from one of my new fav fabric websites, Sister Mintaka. At the time of writing this, there are still 2 colours in stock (a red ‘Bordeaux’ colour and slate grey). This stuff was a joy to sew, and is super soft to the touch with a beautiful drape to it. And the ‘peachskin’ look to it just makes it look and feel super luxe. 

    So feeling super happy with myself for finding a perfect marriage of pattern and fabric! 

    Anyway, hope you like this guys. Off I go to twirl around in my new dress 🙂

    Pattern: Friday Pattern Company, Lucida Dress

    Fabric: Peachskin modal jersey in forest green from Sister Mintaka

    Size made: Small

    Adjustments made: Gaping neckline at the back