My First Ever VLOG!


  1. by Suzi from Alternative Ageing on October 19, 2016  8:59 am Reply

    Well if that's your first vlog all I can say is AWESOME! Beautifully lit, shot & edited. I am not into sewing or knitting but it's just a gorgeous video. Well done, put it on You Tube.

    May I ask what camera you used, and what editing tools? And how long you took? I am using my i-phone but am about to start on my Olympus PEN. Editing-wise I am using a mixture of Adobe Clip & i-movies but have much to learn. Looking forward to your next one. Suzi

    • by Gingerthread Girl on October 23, 2016  11:36 am Reply

      Ahhh Suzi, thanks for the amazing message! Sure, my camera is a Canon 100D and I also invested in a Rode mic to sit on the top of it, as well as a tripod for filming. Then I edit in Adobe Premiere Pro. I was new to all of this but managed to teach myself by the power of Google! Thanks again for the lovely message, really means a lot! x

  2. by PsychicSewerKathleen on October 30, 2016  4:47 pm Reply

    I loved your VLOG! Not one bit too long and certainly NOT boring! It was fabulous. What I appreciated the most was your description of your shopping trips :) I'm in Canada so knowing good places that you can trust to order fabric from in the UK is tremendously helpful. Shipping from the UK to us is actually much less than from the US plus with the difference in our dollars (US to CDN) it's just CRAZY how much more expensive it is. Coincidentally I had just ordered the Sew Over It shift dress the other day too :) I think I'm going to get a lot of mileage out of that one! Congratulations on your pregnancy - you look fabulous :) And now you'll have another person to sew for! Your exploration into making kids clothes is just beginning and I have no doubt you'll enjoy every moment of it :)

    • by Gingerthread Girl on December 2, 2016  4:17 pm Reply

      Aww thank you so much for *such* a lovely comment! Crazy to know that it can be cheaper for you to buy fabric from the UK! And yes, I'll have to get into sewing tiny person clothes... scared that it will be a bit fiddly! x

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